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Nathalie, 22, Sweden.

I post kittens, tits, crystals, nerdy shit, outer space, jellyfish, and other pretty things I like.

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    Most people do not listen
    with the intent
    to understand;

    they listen
    with the intent
    to reply.
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    Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife by Elisa Lazo de Valdez / Visioluxus

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    GISHWHES 2013

    Hello internet, Misha Collins has just dropped the bomb. My team needs help with a task!

    Item number 57: Start a twitter feed for your alarm clock. Get at least two hundred followers. At least once a day the account must post: “BEEP! BEEP! 7:00 AM.” We will be checking the twitter accounts to verify count.

    Follow for delicious karma (and we follow back!)

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